Muse's 2006 Rock Album, "Black Holes and Revelations"[1]

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Muse is an English alternative punk rock band that formed in 1994. They have been nominated for three Grammy awards, out of which they won one for their 2009 Album, The Resistance. The topmost photograph to the right is of Muse's 2006 album, Black Holes and Revelations.[2]

Greco-Roman Culture ReferenceEdit

"Muses," in Greek mythology and literature, were nine goddesses of literature and the arts. They were told to be the source of the knowledge passed down from generation to generation in the oral tradition. The muses sometimes served as inspiration, or a compliment to women, signifying that women were capable of creativity in literature and the arts.[3]

Three of the Muses embodied the entity of music, for their emblems (the objects that represented these muses) were musical instruments closely related to the lyre. Erato was the muse of love poetry, symbolized by a Cithara, an instrument similar to a lyre. Euterpe was the muse of Song and Elgaic Poetry, and was represented by the the Aulos, a flute-like instrument. The third music-embodied muse was Terpsichore, the muse of dance. Terpsichore was represented by the lyre itself.[4]

Additionally, the word "music" derived from the word "muse."[5]

Muse is most likely named "Muse" because of the muses in Greek mythology that represented music. Furthermore, the word "music" derived from "muse," which implies that the band Muse is higher than, or created music itself. Muse used the name "Muse" to enforce the fact that they made more than music, because "muse" created, in a sense, music.


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