Kouros Cologne for Men Products[1]

Kouros is a men's daytime cologne product line from the fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent.[2]

Greco-Roman Culture ReferenceEdit

During the Archaic Period in Ancient Greece, "kouros" was a freestanding representation of the male youth in Archaic-style sculptures. Kouros sculptures were very rigid like tree trunks, which was what the Greeks used to carve sculptures out of. The human body was rigidly positioned with little to no detail, which was idealism, because in the Ancient Greek Art world, less details meant idealism.[3]

The cologne is called "Kouros" to convey the message that once men put on the cologne, they will feel youthful again, because kouros sculptures were of male youths. Additionally, because kouros sculptures were idealistic, which was supernatural or of the divine, men who apply Kouros cologne may feel divine or God-like.

Though consumers probably do not know this information about Ancient Greek Art before purchasing Kouros cologne, Yves Saint Laurent most likely intended to imply the divine, or youthfulness when naming the cologne "Kouros."


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